Being a mum with bipolar


This is My Life as a Mum in the 21st century with Bipolar. I will share with you the ups and downs of being bipolar alongside being a mum of 4 children.

I am 26 years old from a town in Suffolk U.K. I have a partner Tom whom I have been with for 11 years. He was with me before, during and after the diagnoses and is the father to my 4 children.

I have 3 girls and a boy. Skie is 8 years old, Jack is 6 and Hollie and Georgia at 2 year old non-identical twins. All my children are incredibly special. Skie is so clever and loves to read and is a little mother hen always wanting to help. Jack is a little whirlwind and is suspected to be on the autism spectrum. He love to draw and is incredably artistic. The twins were born at 30 weeks so have health issues which means we are regularly having stays at our local NHS hopsital as well as lots of appointments. They are like best friends and have a bond so close I never thought possible.

Skie, Jack and Me are also part of a majorette troupe I help to run alongside my mum and her best friend. It is my escape and my ‘me’ time. I am not the greatest of dancers but it is something I enjoy and it gives me time to be myself and take myself away from my mum and partner role for 3 hours a week.

In this blog I will be sharing with you my past and present in the hopes I can show you a diagnoses of bipolar isn’t the end of the world and with the right treatment and support you can go on to live a ‘normal’ life like everyone else. I also want to show you how hard it can be to suffer with bipolar as well as live with some that suffers. I can be very difficult to live with and it has taken its toll on mine and Toms relationship several times. Although I am not always the one to blame when things go wrong, the way I behave and react to situations can make it a whole lot worse than it needs to be.

I hope you enjoy reading this and it gives you a little insight to mental health and how it not only affects the sufferer but all of those around them, please feel free to ask any questions and to leave feedback, I would love to hear from you,


Anne xxxxx


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  1. honeypetal123 said:

    A really true full read.well done for sharing your everyday struggles for everyone to try and understand a little bit more about coping with bipolar and being a mummy with 4 kids.i think you do amazing. Keep it up and keep sharing as im sure your helping many sufferers who may read this x

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