Being a mum with bipolar

So today is the beginning of christmas (well for us anyway), I refuse to start decorating ect before the 1st of december other wise it drags.

I was prepared for once this year and brought all the kids a calender ahead of time ready for this morning, well that was a mistake!! The older 2 have been constantly ‘looking’ at theirs since they discovered I had brought some so Tom put them on top of the kitchen cupboard well out of their way and warned them about touching them before it was time. Up until this morning it was all good they stayed where they were with the cellophane on, then I go up this morning to this!!

The older 2 got all the calenders down waiting for me but gave the twins theirs to hold and being the curious little monkeys that they are, they wanted to know what was inside, needless to say 50 tiny chocolates have all been gobbled up by 7.30 this morning and judging by all the kids mouths it wasn’t just the twins. Heres to the rest of the month, Merry christmas!!!

Thanks for reading would love to hear your feedback xxx


Comments on: "Here comes the festive season" (3)

  1. lol that just made me laugh, oh well at least they enjoyed them!

  2. This is the best! You are so brave!

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