Being a mum with bipolar

Nobody likes mornings and I am included in that but what makes them especially worse is when Tom comes straight to bed after work so we can have a cuddle before I get up as we don’t really get chance any other time, but I don’t have a cuddle and get up, I cuddle and go back to sleep. This makes the hour before school a nightmare! I have to get the 4 kids ready to leave and their breakfast. No problem you say? Jack hates being told what to do so the more you tell him the more he shouts the house down in protest. He is quite happy to wonder round the house in his pants all day playing with cars so there is my first battle. Next we have Skie she is my mother hen, keeps me sane and lends a hand when needed BUT she does have my temper and stubborness so you can imagine how that pans out when she decides she doesn’t want to do something!! Then there is the twins, they hate having the nappy changed and getting dressed so I have 2 babies running in opposite directions trying to hide. Once Hollie hid in the tumble dryer and I was convinced she had ran out the back door until suddenly the tumble dryer door flew open and u heard ‘booooooo’ Georgia found it hilarious and then slammed it shut so Hollie could do it again, needless to say at the time it wasn’t funny. However their new trick is to go and get in bed with Tom and hide under the duvet so I can’t find them, I only found them cos Tom hadnt quite dozed off and txt me so they didnt know I was coming! Eventually everyone is ready and its time to go, the easy bit, yes? No!! The twins want to walk so as soon as they see the buggy we have 2 babies throwing themselves to the floor and screaming or ones trying to run down the road whilst I am strapping the other in. We then have the older 2 fighting and swinging their bookbags to hit each other so I tell them off and they run away!! We get to school normally just as the bell goes and it is just me and the twins so less stressful UNTIL I get to the front door and yet again I have forgot my keys, no point trying to wake Tom as it aint happening so now I have figured a way to break in as it happens so often!! So next time you dread the school run think of this as I am sure it will put a smile on your face lol 🙂

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your feedback xxx


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